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Sparkling Cuvee 2010

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We use top quality Chardonnay grapes from a very cool site that are picked just at the start of the ripening phase. The wine is fermented in used oak barrels before bottling with a little added yeast and sugar.

The patience comes in the length of time we leave the wine in the bottle for the second fermentation and autolysis to have its full effect. Autolysis is a breaking down of the yeast and gives sparkling wine its signature brioche aroma and creamy texture. Non-vintage (NV) Champagne has a minimum bottle aging period of 15 months whilst vintage Champagne must stay in the bottle for at least 3 years. We think that 8 years is just about perfect for this Mornington Peninsula Sparkling.

Our dosage level is similar to that favoured by the great traditional Champagne houses. You can’t really taste the sugar, but it does fill out the mid palate. Great when served as an aperitif prior to the meal.

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