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Quay Restaurant Sydney

Quay Restaurant Sydney

The setting is simply spectacular! Quay is an elebgant fitted space that sits on top of the International Passenger Terminal halfway between Sydney’s two most famous landmarks; the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Service is correct and fairly formal but with a warmth that comes from staff who do actually care.

Executive Chef, Peter Gilmore, has put together a menu that continually evolves and truly befits the wonderful setting. The food is delicate and the dishes are complex but beautifully balanced. The wine list is extensive and sweeping, totally  in keeping with the tenor of the restaurant. We are chuffed that Ocean Eight 2011 Pinot Gris is available by the glass.

Herbs and flowers feature heavily and many plates combine slowly braised cuts such and pig cheek with quickly seared seafood such as scallops. The food is very wine friendly yet each dish is packed full of flavour.

Make sure you try the poached milk fed veal if it is on the menu as this dish is stunning. The texture of the meat is so soft that it does melt in your mouth and there is a fragrant sauce with contrasting buckwheat and plenty of herbs to make this a special treat.

Talking of treats if your blood sugar levels can handle it leave room for dessert and then some more for petit fours. There is great attention to detail here with rich creams and custards matches superbly with crunchy toffee and for a little twist a sheet of salted caramel.

Quay is a special event restaurant and you wouldn’t and couldn’t eat this decadently every night of the week but the food is very special along with the ambience so it is a restaurant you simply must experience.


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