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La Ruchotte

La Ruchotte


Poached egg with baby asparagus

Roast Lamb

Goats Cheese

Sponge cake with strawberries

What an experience this turned out to be. After getting a touch of sunburn on Saturday we awoke in Chambolle Musigny to a cool Sunday with constant drizzle. So much for the European summer.

With some degree of apprehension we keyed in the address for La Ruchotte into the GPS and for the next hour or so had a pleasant drive through the countryside, passing through a tiny village every 5 minutes or so. Signposting in the town of Bligny sur Ouche is discreet to say the least but we  got to La Ruchotte only 20 minutes late.

Lunch is served in the dining room of the very rustic farmhouse. The rustic nature of the setting is matched by the rustic nature of the food with flavour taking precedence over presentation and the main course and accompaniments served in big communal pans with diners helping themselves to seconds and in some cases, thirds. The capacity would barely be 24 people.

Baby asparagus topped with a poached egg was the entree. A dish that was very simple and very pure in flavour. I’ve never seen an egg with such an intensely rich coloured yolk and the texture was so silky.

Now on to the main course which was roast lamb. Hidden under big chunks of fat was some perfectly pink and juicy flesh. Whoever said that the fat carried the flavour made a massive understatement. The fat was the flavour and this lamb had more flavour than just about any piece of meat I have had the pleasure of eating, absolutely stunning.  We washed this down with a lovely bottle of one of burgundy’s great producers, Domaine Dujac and their 2007 Morey St Denis.

Local goats cheese and a sponge cake covered in sweet strawberries followed and whilst both courses were very good it was somewhat anti-climatic after the main course.

La Ruchotte is a bio-dynamic farm that raises chickens, sheep, goats and pigs. It is owned and run by a passionate couple, chef Frederic Menager and his wife Eva. If you are spending any time in Burgundy this is a must visit.

Contact details:

La Ferme de La Ruchotte

Bligny sur Ouche 21360


Visit the LA RUCHOTTE Website

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