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2014 Ocean Eight Pinot Noir (limit 6 bottles)

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Each winter our very capable vineyard team set the following year’s crop by ruthless pruning of the vines, limiting the eventual production to something around 2 tonnes to the acre. This figure, we staunchly believe, gives us the ideal balance of fruit flavour and intensity combined with the structural elements of the juice and skins viz; acid and tannin.


In the spring of 2013, not long after the pruning had been completed nature turned considerably nasty with heavy rain and very strong winds just as the vines were flowering and were at their most vulnerable stage. Such was the strength of this inclement weather that almost half the carefully set bunches of grapes were destroyed.


Luckily this bad weather was an isolated event as the rest of the ripening season was textbook perfect; dry and warm.


The (few) grapes that were picked were healthy and had impressive fruit intensity. Typically we make two Pinot Noirs each year at Ocean Eight. These are our Estate wine and the ‘Aylward’ Reserve release. The Estate wine usually displays vibrant red fruits such as raspberry and red cherries whilst the ‘Aylward’ is deeper and richer with darker fruit notes such as black cherries with a hint of plums. One of the main reasons for this difference is that the ‘Aylward’ is cropped at around 1 tonne to the acre, roughly half the yield of the Estate wine.


In 2014 all our Pinot Noir has been cropped below the ‘Aylward’ Reserve level. The wine indeed shows this being richer and darker than what you might expect.


 It has a complex mix of ripe berries and dark cherries. There is a juicy nature to the fruit as well as an earthy component. The texture is thick and silky and the finish has plenty of firm tannins and crisp acid. It is a wine that has immediate appeal but will repay the patient and cellar comfortably for a good decade or so. If you want to drink a bottle or two over this winter try it with some pasta generously coated with a rich and spicy duck ragu.



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